Now don't get worry about your Electronic Waste,
M/s S. E. P. is on your door to provide Techno-Legal Service for E- Waste.

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M/S S. E. P. (Shukla E – Waste Processor), is an Authorized Electronics Waste Recycling Company officially set up at H- 309(B), RIICO Industrial Area, Bhiwadi. Our other Organization (i.e. M/s ENVIRO LAB, M/s GLOBAL CALIBRATION & TEST LAB AND M/s W. W. CONSULTANT) is already providing services in field of Pollution Control Consultancy from last 20 years. We have full flagged I.S.O.9001:2008, I.S.O.14001:2004, NABL and RPCB Certified Lab. We providing services in the field of testing all type of water/ Air / Sound pollution according to the limit prescribed by Central & State Pollution Boards. Our firm is a company floated by highly qualified >26 Nos. experienced professionals team to provide better services.

PURPOSE OF ENTERING IN E – WASTE. Putting the onus of re-cycling of electronic wastes (e-waste) on the producers, the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) has for the first time notified e-waste management rules. The e-waste (management and handling) Rules, 2011 would recognize the producer’s liability for recycling and reducing e-waste in the country. The rules will come into effect from May1, 2012 for following items:-

Organizations having any of the above electronics waste must have to sell it to any recycler according to e-waste (management and handling) rules, 2011. Now to serve you better in this field along with Pollution Control Consultancy we have established Shukla E-Waste Processor.

Now M/S S. E. P. is Estd. For Collecting, Segration, Dismantling, Packing, Recycling and Reuse of Waste Electrical and Equipment (WEEE) in eco friendly way. The main objective of M/S S. E. P. is to create an opportunity to transfer waste into socially and industrially beneficial raw materials like valuable metals, plastics and glass using simple, cost efficient, home grown, environmental friendly technologies suitable to Indian conditions.

M/S S. E. P. is an Electronic Waste Recycling Company approved by State Pollution Control Consultant Board as e-waste recyclers.

The Company’s goal is simply to create a world-class recycling services and solutions, which helps our mother earth to harvest maximum resource recovery. S. E. P’s has also been based on a resourceful combination of technological innovation, professionalism and commitment to excellence to all their clients.

M/S S. E. P. can also provide Electronic – Waste collection and disposal services to its customers who are IT majors, Public Sectors, NGO’s etc. The ultimate aim is to help clients ensure that their business is creating a cost effective model for complying with both their legal and social responsibilities to the environment. We also offer services for recycling of mixed plastic and mixed metal waste into commercially viable products, and recovery of electronic equipment and components like ICs and printers, circuit boards, monitors, TFTs, and other computer peripherals besides having future plan of 100% EOU units and recovery of precious metals from e waste. Under the supervision of our experts, waste and scrap of electronic and electrical industry is treated, disposed and recycled at our factory unit.

The best part about our service

  • We are proactive in listening to the needs of our customers.
  • We offer cost effective recycling with the least amount of environmental impact.
  • Our unique ability to sort, separate, and upgrade scrap to turn out usable and saleable gives us the competitive edge to compete for the business and add value to the bottom line.
  • Complete transportation department that will handle all the needs and make all necessary arrangements to get the material to us.
    India gets first e-waste management rules - Putting the onus ...
    Few of our Recents Clients - 1. Tatabluescope Steel 2. Bestex MM India 3. Sakata Inxx 4. Federal Mogul
    5. Cachet Pharmaceuticals - 6. Indo Alusys 7. Caparo Fastners 8. Havells 9. P & G 10.Cords Cable 11. VCSIL & many more....
    Other Hazardous Waste Disposal. - M/s S. E. P. is also providing disposal facilities for:- 1. E-Waste 2. Batteries
    3. Oily Gloves & Contaminated Clothes. - 4. Bio-Medical Waste. 5. Used Oil. 6. Paint Sludge.